Nowadays those grey hair are no more a sign of an experienced life. Not anymore related to ageing because today, people in their youth tend to have grey hair which is known as the phenomenon of ‘Premature Greying of Hair'.
It's common to such an extent that quite a few teens and even kids can be seen with a few to many grey hair.

Having grey hair is absolutely normal and even stunning when someone chooses to own them as a style statement. Nothing can be more adorable than people accepting who they are! However not everyone is ok with pre-mature greying and they desire a change.
If you are the one dealing with the same issue, and you wish to change that, worry not as we’re here with a one stop solution to this problem. Read till end to know more.


Our body has hair follicles which have pigment ‘melanin’ responsible for imparting hair color. Overtime, these follicles can lose hair color for a variety of reasons leading to greying of hair. Let’s see some the most common reasons:
Vitamin B-12 Deficiency: Responsible for healthy hair growth and color, people deficit in B-12 are more likely to get grey hair irrespective of their age.
Smoking: According to a study long term-effects of smoking can go beyond lungs and heart, affecting the hair follicles adversely. Smoking results in contraction of blood vessels hindering blood flow to the hair follicles resulting in hair loss and even premature greying.
Genetics: Having genes responsible for premature greying is quite an obvious phenomenon. If it’s in your blood, you’re more likely to fetch what your predecessors had, yeah, even if it’s grey hair in your early years.
Stress : This is the most common reason, most of the people face in their lives. Chronic stress leads to anxiety, perturbed sleep cycle and what not! Stress is the antagonist of many stories regarding hair fall and gray hair.


If your problem behind pre-mature greying isn’t genetics or any other sort of chronic disease, you can definitely reverse it!
Deyga’s Pre-mature Greying Oil is the ultimate natural remedy to replenish those grey hair. No need of any hair pack or additional treatment, just get your hands on this hair elixir to get rid of grey hair. Made from the Ayurvedic techniques, this hair oil contains all the necessary ingredients that powerfully abate pre-mature greying.
Moringa, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Benne Oil, Bhringaraj and Henna are the key ingredients used in making of this magic potion. Where Henna imparts color, Bhringraj guarantees hair strength along with other natural oils to promote healthiest hair you can ever have!
The oil is available only on the official website of Deyga Organics.

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