Products that feel light on skin are super important. A light weight formula that keeps skin hydrated for all day long, is all we want you to enjoy this summer. This blog covers all the happening products that you should definitely entertain placing in your skincare cabinet.

Beautifying Serum: One of the best sellers, Deyga’s Beautifying serum contains splendid properties of moringa, almonds, baobab and kukui (candlenut). Where Moringa prevents sagging of facial muscles, Baobab fights free radicals and provides hydration to skin without clogging pores. Kukui has the power to turn the driest and dullest skin into healthy, radiant and youthful one. Potency of Almonds is known by all, brightening and deep nourishment are fortes of magical almonds which form a major part of this beautifying serum.

Body Lotion: A savior indeed! Filled with the nutrition of almond oil and ultra nourishing cocoa and shea butter, Deyga’s body lotion has only wonders to offer. Where almond oil can blow life in dull and pale skin, shea and cocoa butters work extremely well in healing skin issues. The unrefined butter used in this body lotion is cent percent naturally procured. Safe for every skin type, it is non comedogenic in nature in spite of its buttery nature, hence perfect for oily skin too. The body lotion does moisturize as it claims. Besides it also protects against environmental aggressors that damage skin health.
Deyga’s Body Lotion is available in three variants.

Moisturising Face Cream: Newly launched Deyga’s Moisturising Face Cream is a option for greasy days. It’s formula isn’t heavy but promises long lasting hydration. Being non-comedogenic in nature it helps in collagen production and protects skin barrier. In addition, it banishes premature signs of ageing too.

Rose Powder: Here comes the best part! Wrap yourself in floral scent keeping bad odors at distance for Deyga’s Rose Powder becomes your comrade in fighting sweat while you’re busy in leveling up your game. This powder is free of talc and cent percent naturally derived from home grown ingredients.

Bloom like a Rose, this summer by getting your hands on these skin guards only from the official website of Deyga Organics.

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