It is hard to remember the exact date of your periods, but are your pimples making it easy for you? Some women suffer from breakouts in addition to being cranky, crampy, and bloated. It can be frustrating to see your face occupied with acne every month. It sneaks and settles every month. It can be tricky to understand what happens during the menstrual cycle. If you are also a part of the period acne crew, then Deyga Organics will be a blessing for you. Let’s dive into the complete guide on how to deal with period acne.


It’s all a hormone game!
Hormones are all over the body, and around the menstrual cycle, all the hormones are at their peak. The estrogen and progesterone level suddenly drops down just before the cycle begins. The sudden drop in the hormones stimulates the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum. More sebum production leads to clogged pores, further clogged pores lead to breakouts. Usually, period acne is traced around the nose, cheeks and especially around the chin.


All you need is a natural blemish remover, cleanser, mild toner, cooling mask, and a moisturizing agent. Wait! Does it sound like Deyga's 5 steps Anti Acne Kit? Needless to say, it’s Deyga’s 5-step anti-acne kit that will help to get rid of the painful uninvited guests that appear every month.

Blemish remover expert

Firstly, rinse your face with fresh water and pat dry. Now massage Deyga’s 100% pure and cold-pressed organic Neem Seed Oil on your face or in any affected area. This oil is rich in antioxidants that help to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and soothes swelling and redness around the acne. Leave it for 30 minutes. Neem has been used for ages for the faster recovery of your skin from acne.


After 30 minutes cleanse your face with Deyga’s ultimate pore cleansing Charcoal Bath Bar. It will clean off all the impurities and toxic bacteria from the pores.

Mild toner

Nothing can be the best option other than Tea Tree when it comes to treating acne. Deyga presents you with 100% organic Tea Tree Toner. It helps to purify and minimize the pores and leaves your skin smooth and refreshed.

Cooling mask

It is very important to cool down the affected area, and Deyga’s Spirulina & Matcha face pack is a potent face mask crafted especially for acne-prone skin. It reduces the occurrence of zits and leaves your skin smooth and clear. It can be used twice a week, mix with tea tree facial toner to get the maximum out of it.
To fight off the sudden drop, you need only 5 steps. You can’t stop the hormonal drop, but the uninvited acne are treatable. Order your Anti-acne kit now from the official website of Deyga Organics

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