Ageing is a normal process that happens with age. In some cases, due to several factors, ageing accelerates. There is a lot of bragging about the antioxidants in the market, but are you aware of what they are? How significant role they play in maintaining your skin health? How do they benefit your skin? Are they really effective in slowing down ageing? Follow down to know about the secret for youthful skin:


A broad group of compounds that prevents skin cells from damage caused by oxidation and movement of free radicals. Your body produces a few types of antioxidants from the diet you consume. The disturbance in this cycle of antioxidant production results in pre-mature ageing, skin loses its elasticity. There are skincare products that most brag about antioxidants in their products, but they fail. The primary antioxidants agents are
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin C



Skin tissues in the affected area become quite rigid due to different cell structures. Antioxidants increase the blood circulation in that region resulting in the growth of new skin cells tissues. They helps your skin to rejuvenate, reduce fine lines and wrinkles along with prevention of the occurrence of acne. In addition, they also evens out the face.


The harmful UV rays penetrate your skin and stimulate the movement of free radicals resulting in pigmentation, photoaging and sunburns. The UV rays dry out all the moisture and damage your skin cells. Here, antioxidants help to restrict the movement of free radicals and provide a conditioning effect to control the inflammation in your skin.


The oxidative stress in your skin breaks down the collagen protein which is responsible for skin elasticity. The damaged collagen causes wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin. But the antioxidants reverse the breakdown of collagen by maintaining the oxidative stress in your skin to bring on youthful, younger-looking skin.
Deyga Organics has all the primary antioxidants in its products. Deyga’s Tea Tree essential oil has the 100% pure and natural goodness of Tea Tree that is. magnificent source of antioxidants. Deyga’s Anti-Ageing Serum could be a great source of vitamin C, E, A and B to your skin. It contains all the properties of antioxidants. The rich blend of Hemp seed oil, Rosehip oil, Kalonji Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Moringa Oil makes it a skin’s essential multi-defence agent. It reverses all the signs of ageing, forms a protective layer against harmful UV rays and evens out your skin. Make your skin look youthful and glowy with Deyga Organics.

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