How To Exfoliate Your Skin Correctly?

How often do you exfoliate?

Hello, peeps! Welcome again. Till date we have discussed the magic of natural ingredients, learned the secret spells of glowing skin, sought the utmost solution for your stubborn dark circles and acquainted well with the importance of water which draws the foundation of your over all health. Today’s blog is going to be really important for you all. It’s a must read to complement your skin care regime in an effective way. As yet we have discussed the tips and tactics to decode the various and important facets of a determined skin care routine. But if you missed the step we are going to discuss today, none of the above points can cast their magic on you in a way you desire for. So let’s get started!
As the heading conveys, our topic for today is 'Exfoliation' which means shedding off dead skin, tan, black heads and white heads from the surface of your skin. To be precise it sloughs off the outermost layer of it which hinders your skin from glowing. No product can be absorbed by the skin until your dead skins are scrubbed off. With the method exfoliating you allow your skin to breathe by unclogging pores. When these pores are open, the products you apply for hydrating or uplifting your skin health work efficiently and more powerfully.

Ways to Exfoliate!

You can exfoliate your skin in two ways. Chemically (with the use of acids) or Mechanically/Physically (with the use of any abrasive material or scrubs). Deyga recommends Physical exfoliation as there are zero chances of harsh chemicals penetrating your skin and it can also help you in boosting the blood circulation within your body which improves your skin texture.

Is exfoliation necessary for all ?

Absolutely! Exfoliation is deep cleaning of your skin which is utterly necessary before you go for any other product for skin wellness (externally). However people suffering from any skin disorder such as rosacea or too many painful pimples must not opt for it. We recommend a consultation with a dermatologist before taking exfoliation into practice only if you suffer from serious skin diseases. If not, then feel free to exfoliate as it’s a holy rule and the foremost step towards a healthy skin care regime. In spite of it being the major step towards skin care, too much exfoliation can damage your skin too. It must be noted that you ought to exfoliate as much as your skin allows. Doing it depending upon your skin type is always the right way to do it. Perplexed? O! Don’t worry. We have even sorted that for you.

People with dry to normal skin should exfoliate once in a week where else those with oily skin should do it twice in seven to eight days. Mild exfoliation is suggested for acne prone buddies i.e. once in a week without exerting much pressure on skin else it may leave bumps or scars on your face.

How To Exfoliate Correctly?

Exfoliation is not meant to be done for a long time. Gently rubbing your face/body in circular motion for a minute or two with adequate amount of product or scrub mixed with little amount of water or toner is enough to slough the dead skin off.

Are you worrying about the right products to go for? What to choose when adulteration is at peak everywhere? And what would make your perfect partner in exfoliation? If these questions worry you then don’t worry and stay care free because Deyga is here for you! Deyga Organics has carefully formulated different scrubs considering every skin type. The scrubs are handcrafted with organically grown natural ingredients. Being cruelty free, they are only made for you with sheer purity and love from mother nature which is encapsulated into these small packs.

Deyga Organics has categorized these scrubs as Exfoliator, Body Scrub and Rose Scrub.

  • People with oily skin, stubborn tan and strong black heads can go for Exfoliator as it contains potent qualities of Neem, Lemon, Khus khus and Black rice.
  • Body scrub is recommended for all skin types. It consists rejuvenating fruit properties of Pineapple, Orange, Papaya and Pomegranate.
  • Rose Scrub is a mild scrub which is apt for even sensitive and acne prone skin. Instilled with glowing and replenishing properties of rose, lotus, beetroot and aloevera it deeply cleanse your skin without snatching the moisture away.

Pick your choice of scrub and include exfoliation in your skin care routine cause it’s the first step towards a healthy regime your skin direly needs. You can buy these scrubs and other skin and hair care products only from the official website of Deyga Organics. Don’t forget to share your feedbacks. Stay Safe! Ciao!

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