How Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ace your Skin and Hair Health?

You all might be familiar with astonishing and healthy effects of pure coconut oil (virgin). It’s been spreading its magnificence as a vigorous cooking oil especially in the parts of South India ever since it was discovered. No doubt it’s the best option to go for when you keep a track of your fitness. It enables proper digestion, it keeps a check on your heart health and boosts brain function too. Nonetheless, it has equal benefits for your skin and hair too!

Let’s see what amplifies its goodness?

Coconut oil consists of potent fatty acids and antioxidants which rejuvenate every cell of your skin and nourish every strand of your hair. Where fatty acids prevent premature aging, antioxidants help in healing radically. Sufficient amount of Vitamin E in coconut oil breath life in dull and dry skin making it glowing and hydrated. The oil is also rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which can beat the deadliest of skin allergies and hair problems such as dandruff and fungal infections.

Although a lot of people tend to use coconut oil in their skin care regime but fail to attain those magical benefits. The reason is none other than ‘lack of purity.’
Nowadays many companies mix various chemicals with coconut oil in order to satiate the demand at low cost. But its eventually hitting hard to those gullible people who trust such fake and luring brands. Hence, its important to seek pure in order to get pure. The primary step towards it is to buy only extra virgin coconut oil that’s prepared by the method of cold pressing. Secondly, buy from the trusted brands only. And we ensure that trust. We at Deyga organically produce and hand craft our products to serve pure cause we care for you!

Coconut Oil has innumerable benefits, it’s multifaceted too. How? Let’s see;

  • It works as a tremendous moisturizer. Just a sweep of cotton ball dipped in coconut oil for a minute before hitting the sack is enough to hydrate your skin making you ready to glow the next morning.
  • Lip balm finished? No worries, coconut oil can heal your chapped lips in a jiffy and guard them through out the day with enough hydration.
  • This oil has got no rest! You can also condition your hair easily only with a gentle massage of warm coconut oil. It provides deep nourishment to your dry hair and reduces frizz.
  • Coconut oil helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, scars, blemishes and even acnes. You can now feel the soft and supple skin which is just an application away! Application of? Most definitely extra virgin coconut oil!
  • Coconut oil can also act as a make up remover. It not only cleanse your skin but revitalize every pore of it.

Now it’s time to go and include this coconut elixir into your skin and hair care regime. We assure you wouldn’t regret!

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