Importance of Water

“Water is Life”. This statement is enough to apprehend the importance of water for the survival of life on this planet. Humans, animals, trees, rivers every possible thing that is life or gives life need water to sustain. From being the fundamental foundation of life to the basic day to day necessities water forms the pivot of existence.

Today let’s illuminate the importance of water to take a strong step towards its conservation;

  • Water majorly contributes to the working of main functions inside the human body.
  • The nutrients from food we eat are absorbed by water which then are transferred directly into the blood stream.
  • Water also act as detoxifier inside a body. The process of urination, perspiration and defecation only run when enough water is consumed by a body.
  • Temperature of a body is maintained by water only.
  • Enough consumption of water contributes to healthy skin and hair. 

In spite of these benefits water has even much more to offer and helps in sustenance in many ways. Its external uses are innumerable too. We bath, wash our clothes, clean our house, wash our dishes , water our plants , clean our vehicles and what not? Water takes care of us in every aspect our life. So its our duty to take care of it too. Isn’t it? Do you know water is mightier than we think? Yes. Water not only satiate our thirst but it can also prevent chronic diseases too. Have you seen earthen pots taking up the space at homes when summers arrive? Or those beautiful copper vessels for water as if they incurred some magic into it?
Well they really do! How? Let’s see;

  • Water is itself the source of life and its consumption in enough amount regularly can keep serious diseases at bay. Even your pimples too! However the excessive pollution nowadays has affected water quality deeply. Not everyone can access good quality water in every area. Some people use filters or RO (reverse osmosis) at their homes to make water drinkable. While the entire filtration process is performed all the necessary minerals and vitamins are vanished from the water disturbing its PH balance too. But its storage in earthen pots and copper vessels can instill those lost minerals in no time.
  • Earthen pots provide natural cooling due to the process of evaporation. The pots are porous and work in accordance to the climate. They provide natural goodness of earth to the water which is indeed rich in various minerals and vitamins. Since these pots are made of earth, these are alkaline in nature balancing the PH level of water. Water stored in earthen pot can boost metabolism and aid the process of digestion.
  • Some people often store water in copper bottles for 7-8 hours to attain ‘Tamarajal’ which has a detailed mention in Ayurveda too. Water stored in copper vessel works magic for health. It maintains level of testosterone and provides immunity to body.

So next time you drink water make sure to try these tips to make your glass of water more healthy!