When we ask a celebrity about their secret to glowing skin, the first and foremost answer we get is to drink enough water. Drinking water has earned first place due to its real benefits. Water has amazing qualities to provide your skin with a hydrated, youthful and glowy appearance. But, here’s the question that arises: Will drinking more water will give you faster results? Does working out all at once will not give you any desired results in one day? No, the truth is having anything in excess can worsen the case. If you yearn for smooth, glowy, and youthful skin, then you might have heard about drinking litres and litres of water per day. It will help to flush out evil toxins and keep your skin healthy. Litres? Does it really sound right? Of course not! Our body needs an appropriate amount of water, and it also differs in various cases. Lets’s burst the myth on More the Water Intake, More the Skin Glow:

“Drinking to satiate thirst” should be the mantra you should follow rather than forcing water down your throat to achieve the set goal for daily water intake.
There is also a misconception to check on hydration in your body. They say when your urine colour is nearly transparent you're doing great on hydration but the truth is this indicates excessive dilution of essential electrolytes in blood, creating an imbalance. It can be a problematic situation for your body. Instead of overanalyzing water intake, you should know what your body requires. Over-hydration will flush out the essential nutrients from your body and will not help to give the real benefits of water to your skin. In addition, you should keep in mind that water first goes to your gut, and overhydration can disturb your gut health.
The recommended amount of daily water intake is eight glasses per day which differs with age. If you are working out or the weather is hot out there, increase the water intake to compensate for the sweat.
We all went through all tips and tricks, the hydration method vastly differs from person to person. One should not overdo it beyond their limits. Are you still feeling lost? You are not alone in this, all of us are overanalyzing the situation to get quick results. “slow and steady wins the race” your body works and heals slowly, you don't have to go against that in pursuit of that dewy and clear skin. Not only water is enough for healthy skin, but you also need to maintain a healthy diet, lifestyle, and proper skincare. Fill your cabinet with Deyga Organics’ skincare submerged with the goodness of natural ingredients. Level up your journey towards healthy skin with Deyga Organics.