Toners and mists for oily skin are a great blessing. People with oily skin must definitely indulge in a skincare routine where toner plays the ace. It not only sets the skin but is also successful in controlling the sebum production that proves to be a boon for oily skin holders. Like Toner, mist is an underrated product too yet crucial in providing your oily skin a bright glow while keeping it non-greasy.
Deyga Organics has formulated toners and mists considering the need of every skin type. Some of them best designed for oily skin are;

Basil Toner: Oily skin is more prone to acnes. Basil being a natural detoxifier, banishes acnes along with endowing a sheer radiance to your face.

Tea tree Facial Toner: It deeply cleans your skin by kicking out impurities responsible for clogged pores. Healthy, glowing and clear skin is not far away when Tea tree toner plays!

Lemon Mist: Lemon mist is a ‘must’ in the good books of oily skin especially. It controls oil, battles blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation like a pro.

Ylang Ylang Mist: Ylang Ylang is the most effective remedy for oily skin. This toner refreshes skin through and through along with safeguarding it against pollution from penetrating your skin.

These pure, natural and handcrafted toners and mists from Deyga are only available on the official website of Deyga Organics.

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