From occupying Genelia D Souza’s shelf to yours, Deyga’s rose water is the secret skincare retreat for millions of people. ROSE is the symbol of love, friendship, and peace. Your skin feel loved, peaceful, and ever-friendly with rose water. The magical rose water is created by the distillation process. The luxurious and eternally romantic flower has innumerable benefits infused.

Rosewater has been there for thousands of years, keeping the skin youthful and refreshed. What are you waiting for? Homies let’s just take a deep dive into the emerging blessings of rose water.


CTM- Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising, this is the basic skincare regimen. The most ignored step is toning; you are one of them, right? If you are the one? Then you are skipping on something crucial. Toning is a very quite important step because it takes care of your pores. No other option available other than Pure rose water can be the elite toner for your skin. The astringent properties of rose water aids in maintaining the PH of the skin and clears off all the excess oil from the debris.


The toughest job in this busy life is to provide the right amount of hydration and nourishment to your skin. But rose water gets your back; it deeply moisturises your skin and lifts your tired and dehydrated face. Treating dehydration is very necessary because it leads to various skin problems like premature ageing, redness, and tingling sensation.


Rosewater can also work as a natural face mist. Face mists are multi-taskers that clean, tone, and hydrate your skin without compromising on maintaining the PH of the skin. This earthy on the go freshness is handy and fortified with the extracts of real roses. A spritz of rosewater on your face instantly refreshes your skin and makes you feel relaxed. Apart from a face mist, it can also work as a setting spray to give you a dewy look and natural make-up remover.

Rose water’s advantages can only be reaped when it's pure and organic. The wait is over, get your hands on 100% natural and handpicked rose water from the official website of Deyga Organics. Keep your handbag ready for an instant uplift to your skin and mood with Deyga’s pure rose water. A quick spray on the face to get immediate perk up from dehydrated and dull skin. Order now to bring home a multi-tasker for your beautiful skin.

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