Rice, the staple food of South India has so many benefits for skin that it wouldn’t be wrong if you call it an ‘ultra pro’ ingredient! If you want to know how wonderfully it works in your favour, keep on reading till end.

Widely known for it’s usage in cosmetic industry across the South Asian countries, it’s history takes us to Japan almost 1000 years ago. It was Japanese women who used rice as a vital part of their traditional beauty care regime first. Later, it became so prominent in beauty care treatments that it’s one of the most notable ingredients in beauty products of the big fat skin care brands, today.
By now you might have heard of rice being a dominant ingredient in Korean beauty care regimes. Well it’s right, they use rice water abundantly. The results are such that every Indian wants a skincare regime incorporated with rice water now. And, why not? After all people of east have amazing skin. Although science hasn’t been able to prove all of the claims that people make about the benefits of rice water, some of them are automatically proven before the world by long going skin practices including rice water as the main ingredient.

What makes ‘Rice water’ a suitable choice?

IT’S ANTI- AGEING IN NATURE : Rice water is high in antioxidant capacity hence it’s great when it comes to fighting pre-mature ageing signs.

YOUR NATURAL SUNSCREEN: It’s an SPF in itself. Using rice water can not only soothe sun burns but also protect your skin from harmful UV rays. However, one must always use an SPF not less than 30 if one desires an apt sun protection factor.

RELIVES SKIN IRRITATION: Skin Conditions like eczema, rosacea & psoriasis are relieved to quite an extent with the regular use of fermented rice water on skin.

BRIGHTENS SKIN: Dull, dry & damaged skin can be treated with rice water, as it is known to improve the skin health inside out. In addition, it also tightens pores making itself ace the entire skincare game in a jiff.

MAINTAINS HAIR HEALTH: Rich in Vitamins C, B, & E, rice water helps in development of hair growth. Essential proteins in rice also aid in hair protection against frizz & further damage.

How to make Rice water?

In India we do this everyday! Yes, once the rice is boiled, you can collect some water out of the container & that’s it this is your rice water.
Or else, you can soak some raw rice overnight in water to collect rice water the next day. Once you get the water please do not use it instantly, allow it to go through the process of fermentation for good 2-3 days. Then start using it on yourself to get the best skin & hair.
For the sake of using it at your comfort zone, you can transfer the fermented rice water in a spray bottle & store it in refrigerator to improve it’s shelf life.

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