Winter is already knocking our doors. Amidst the nippy weather, are you tensed about your current body lotion not giving you the enough hydration? Or you want to switch but couldn’t find a better replacement? If yes then this blog is going to solve your problem.

We all have different skin types. And so different products will work on different skins. Expecting the same product to give similar results to every skin type is a kind of unfair demand. However, winter is rude to all. No matter the skin type, the weather strips off moisture from everyone.

In such unruly weather condition, not all body lotions can give you the expected hydration. Here’s when Body Butter comes to play the protagonist. Made to serve every skin, it guarantees the supply of intense hydration even in winters.

Let’s see how differently it works from a body lotion:

• Body lotion may provide hydration to a certain level, however a body butter will save your skin even when winter is at it’s best.

• People with dry skin may not always get the desired results from a body lotion. Body butter in such case, helps with it’s 10x moisturizing skills.

• Formulation of a body butter is rather thick than a body lotion’s.

• Body lotion needs re-application but a body butter does not. One smear on the skin & you’re all ready for the day!

• Body butter in other seasons may turn out quite heavy for normal to oily skin types. However, it serves them equally good in winters.

As, you can easily find out your skin’s needs now. Let’s see how Deyga can help you regarding your choice of body butter.

Deyga Organics has an exclusive range of Body Butters that are neither sticky nor greasy and also provide a silky experience throughout. These handcrafted and natural skinlicious body butters are entirely free from harsh chemicals like SLS and Phthalate. This herbal active body care range is 100% vegetarian and helps in rejuvenating skin by providing hydration and instilling nourishment to the core. They also battle premature signs of aging and bring forth the natural radiance of the skin along with keeping moisture intact for long hours.

Deyga’s four variants in Body Butters comprise of:

Rose and Germanium Body Butter with the cherishing essence of English Roses and herbal goodness of Germanium

• Body Butter (Unscented) rich in shea butter and other natural oils

Chocolate Body Butter made from raw cocoa beans

Baby Body Butter, an especially handcrafted mild formula for your munchkin

You can order the one you like from the website or official app of Deyga Organics today, at special offers.