Hey guys!! This blog is going to be slightly different than the previous ones. In the skincare blog section we often talk about remedies to your skin & hair issues. However in today’s blog, we’re gonna celebrate them. Didn’t get that? Here’s what we mean to say:

Skin is a natural attribute of humans:  By natural we mean the rawest form of nature’s creation. Where we care for it to look at it’s best, we definitely must not criticize it’s other aspects when it’s not in its best form because that’s really how the natural phenomenon works. For e.g. acne, breakouts, pigmentation, are all natural to happen. There’s nothing wrong in embracing your rawest form. Celebrating it will just enhance your vibe, the vibe that your soul imparts!

Chuck out the concept of Hyperreality: Jean Baudrillard, a French sociologist coined the term Hyperreality which is a term for stating a condition when reality & fiction is so blended together that we couldn’t clearly distinguish between them. The same is happening in the skincare & makeup industry. Healthy skin is the one that showcase the details of your face guys. Pores, tiny hair, a smidgen of fine lines here & there are totally okay because that’s what reality is. Yes, you can enhance it by using natural products but getting upset with the fact that you ought to have that smoothest layer on face or else you are not good enough is not fair friends. You’re a human face & not a wall with Asian paint on it right?

Be confident in your own skin: Being truly yourself is that joyous feeling of another level. Accepting the way you’re made, respecting that & embracing the same with the natural care is what we mean by SKIN POSITIVITY WITH DEYGA.

Celebrate every ounce of yourself: Skin Positivity is just not limited to skin friends. It’s how we feel inside out. Make sure to celebrate every bit of your life, be comfortable & cheerful about how you look, who you’re because you’re only one of your kind, & this is a big sign by the Universe, enough to remind you that you’re the best in just the way you’re are.