Winters are not so far! Can you feel the wintry chills in your area, already? If yes, then you might predict that this year we may face the weather at it’s best! So why not we give our best to face it cheerfully? In this blog we’re gonna talk about 3 tips you must definitely not miss out if you want good hair day, everyday, especially during winters.

1) Include Seeds in your diet: Are you the one who doesn’t bother about having a wholesome diet? Well, no one does that on purpose but our temptations leave little room for healthy diet everyday, no? Including various seeds like chia, flax, sesame etc. in diet plan, provides Omega fatty acids in abundance. They are rich in fibre & protein that gives strength to hair.
During winters do make sure you are eating them everyday because we tend to digest them better during this chilly season.

2) Hot Oil Massage: Hair massage is counted as the best option to nourish dry scalp & hair. During winters when the dry winds rip off moisture from hair, a hot oil massage will not only wrap them up in life but also increase blood circulation leading to faster hair growth.
Deyga’s Hair Oil is infused with many indigenous herbs, it can definitely serve the purpose with increased efficiency as it’s cold pressed, pure & cent percent natural.

3) Aloevera Gel: Dry scalp leads to dandruff. And what’s better than aloevera gel to counter that?
Aloevera gel is in it’s best form when it’s directly procured from fresh aloe leaves. At Deyga we offer you the pure aloevera gel without it’s natural stickiness. You can use it to massage your scalp or hydrate your dry hair strands.
Visit the official app of Deyga Organics to get your winter guards today. Ciao!