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This wouldn’t be new for you but your visage is the unique representation you’re endowed with. However, this unique beauty feature often gets intruded by crusaders such as acnes, pimples or breakouts. These unwanted guests don't even go easily. Even if they depart they leave their imprints in the guise of odd scars that can bother you for a long time. People dealing with sensitive or acne prone skin may find this problem more relatable. For the solution to the same we have an anti-acne range comprising of Charcoal Bath Bar, Aloevera Gel, Neem Seed Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Toner. To amplify this potent army of detoxifiers and to offer you a wide range of anti-acne products, Deyga Organics has this time come forward with its new launch in the form of “Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack”. This lethal combination has got especially designed anti-acne formula that shatter these acnes in no time and you know what, it also keep an eye if they even dare to make a comeback.

Let’s know something more about this brilliant amalgam of two entirely different species;

  • Spirulina is a form of cyanobacteria derived from edible blue-green algae where as Matcha is finely ground powder of specially processed green tea leaves.
  • Both are great sources of antioxidants that banish free radicals (the major reason behind premature aging). Carotenoid, the most powerful antioxidant is found in Spirulina.
  • Spirulina heals the skin radically it aids cell turnover rate where as Matcha eliminates toxins out and limits sebum production by keeping hydration retained.
  • They removes dead skin and detoxifies skin through and through.
  • This duo forms a perfect match as one heals and other fence the protective barrier against acnes thus giving a flawless clear-glass skin.
  • Matcha is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help clam redness or any other skin irritation.
  • It also reduces puffiness and evenly tones skin.

Isn’t this duo an absolute silent killer for unwanted acnes? You get so many benefits from this versatile pack besides acne reduction. The best part is use of this face pack at regular intervals will also fade away the stubborn scars that you might be facing on your beautiful face.

This 'All-In-One' face pack is suitable for all skin types and benefits beyond your expectation. You can shop this exclusive face pack only from the official website of Deyga Organics. Happy Shopping!

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