Appearance of hair majorly contributes to one’s personality. On the one hand, where healthy hair can make one feel elated, damaged hair can pull down one’s confidence, on the other. To gear up that boost in both outlook & confidence self care is important. And when it comes to hair it’s the usage of apt hair care products that match your concerns & hair type.
Have you ever noticed that, in spite of using various hair care products, hair tends to get dry & frizzy? It might be possible due to a few mistakes we all make unknowingly. Using plastic combs is the most common & repeated one.

Why using Plastic Comb is a mistake?

Plastic Combs, at the first place aren’t sustainable. Not every plastic comb available in the market is made of biodegradable plastic & even if you own a premium quality plastic comb, it would make no difference to your hair in any way. It’s not good for your hair texture & quality because;
• It creates static charge. Plastic holds positive electrical charge while hair has negative. This results into frizz when two opposite charges attract.

• Frizzy & rough hair may lead into split ends.

• It may bruise scalp due to rough edges.

• Oil doesn’t reach uniformly to every hair strand.

Instead of plastic combs, wooden combs especially produced from neem wood are recommended to avoid comprising on little hair needs. Below are the indispensable benefits of using a neem wood comb on your hair;

• Neem wood is antibacterial & antifungal in nature. Hence, it keeps scalp healthy & free from fungal infections & dandruff.

• Healthy scalp is the gateway to healthy hair. Hair fall is reduced & hair growth is stimulated when plastic comb is replaced with wooden comb.

• Wooden comb evenly spreads oil in the hair without scraping the scalp. It’s polished & safe to use even on baby scalp.

• Excessive sebum production is controlled, hence, limiting greasiness to a great extent.

• Frizz becomes a history as no static charge is produced leading to sleek, smooth & shiny hair.

Wooden comb is a sustainable option that is eco-friendly, in budget & a durable product too.

Real neem wooden combs are available on the official website of Deyga Organics.

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