Darkness around mouth or lip corners is one of the common skin issues that causes no harm but actually is a great concern when the need is to step out without make up.

Pigmentation could be a consequence of many silly mistakes you might not pay much attention to. Some of them are;
• Encountering UV radiation without a sunscreen
• Not quitting guilty pleasures such as smoking & junk food
• Taking too much stress
• Skipping on proper nutrition both externally (skin care) & internally (vitamin rich diet)

In addition to these mistakes, overproduction of melanin (color pigment responsible for dark color), hormonal imbalance and heredity can also become the hidden causes for pigmentation in skin.

Although it’s not a really big problem and can be solved only with the magic of some natural ingredients, provided you have to stick to these home remedies religiously! To fasten up the process you can also sit for dermatological treatments but that will surely cost you a fortune. We recommend abiding by powerful home remedies; results are slow but with the regular use you can observe the difference in less than a month.

Potato Juice : Potatoes have natural bleaching properties. Fresh potato juice when applied on bare skin for 20 minutes can fade dark spots, brighten up complexion, treat dark circles and beat pigmentation to give you all clear skin.
Lemon & honey : Lemon is a natural brightening agent. Honey provides glow & works great at making the skin even toned. Mixing them together & apply on pigmented areas will definitely give you results. Please don’t use lemon directly on your face, mix a few drops of it with some honey & then apply for better results.

Turmeric paste : Turmeric is tremendously good at brightening skin. Remember all the famous ubtans we use at our homes? Haldi or turmeric is never missed out when we make utterly renowned age-lasting face packs at homes. They work good at fading pigmentation too. However we have come up with a magical recipe that will not only provide you with better results, but also save your time from tedious DIYs.

Deyga’s Turmeric Aloevera face mask gel is simply the best combination made to freshen up your tired skin. This bomb combination will fade your pigmentation in less than a month due to it’s potent yet soothing formula.
Its moisturizing effect makes it a must choice to prevent dryness of skin in unruly weather conditions.

Besides, this ready to use face mask gel contains vegetable glycerin which is a boon for people with dry skin. It makes skin utterly butterly soft & supple.

Benefits of Turmeric Aloevera face mask gel;

• Imparts healthy glow on your face

• Reduces pigmentation

• Abates premature aging signs

• Battles acnes & dry patches with ease

• Retains hydration in skin

Pamper yourself once a week with this ready to use ‘Turmeric aloevera face mask gel’ & feed your skin right with the best natural products sourced afresh from the serene farm of Deyga. You can get this face mask gel from the official app of Deyga Organics on special discount if you make your first purchase right now! Stay Glowing.