Majestic ‘Neem’ & Terrific ‘Turmeric’ are two potent medicinal herbs that not only cure but also complement innumerable benefits for a healthy glowing skin. 
Neem or Indian Lilac is native to Indian Subcontinent. Typically attributed to tropical and sub-tropical regions, it’s the fastest growing tree in India with countless and untold benefits to offer, whereas Turmeric or Curcuma longa is a flowering plant with its roots in South & Southeast Asia as well. Absolutely no household in India exists where you can’t find turmeric powder for its variety of uses!

In this blog what we are going to brag about is the spellbinding benefits of neem & turmeric for your skin.

So why wait? Let’s unleash those magic spells of Neem through which you all can uplift your skin health in no time;

• Neem is a treasure of natural beautifying serums. Enriched with various fatty acids, it works on damaged skin from within and takes care of it like a pro.

• Antifungal property of neem fights with skin infections.

• Skin woes such as acnes and pimples can be kept at bay due to the anti bacterial properties of Neem.

• Neem is an excellent anti – ageing agent. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles also works on sagging and improves skin's elasticity.

• Enhanced skin texture and even skin tone are the effects also named in the glory of Neem.

• Besides, it also battles pigmentation and black heads. A deep clean experience is attained when Neem accompanies you in your daily skin care routine.

• It moisturizes skin and keeps it hydrated radically to give you the baby soft and supple skin.

What does turmeric offer to your skin?

• Turmeric contains ‘Curcumin’, a bioactive component which has got potent anti-inflammatory properties along with loads of antioxidants. Regular use of turmeric in a face mask can deeply nourish your skin to bring forth that natural glow on your face.

• Skin disorders such as Psoriasis, Scabies, Eczema become easily treatable when turmeric comes into play. Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties such skin issues can be easily resolved with its regular usage.

• Being rich in antioxidants, turmeric fights free radicals giving an uplifted texture to your skin devoid of any signs of dark spots, fine lines & wrinkles.

These two natural ingredients are no doubt a big blessing for us! But what if they unite to combat your skin issues together? Deyga Organics has done this task for you. Deyga’s Neem & Turmeric Bath Bar is all you need to provide your skin the combined benefits of neem & turmeric simultaneously.
This Bath Bar is handcrafted & cherishes the natural essence of fresh neem leaves & rich turmeric grown in the lands of South India.
The cherry on the cake is, it will effectively cleanse your body while giving it a radical nourishment.

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