What is Alopecia-areata? How to tackle it?

Alopecia areata is one of the common disorders. However it’s intensity to harm, differs from person to person. Let’s decode this disorder and if you or your loved one is going through the same, let’s look out for some of the easiest ways to tackle it well!

What is Alopecia-areata, in simple words?

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair to fall in patches. It is not visible, however, in severe conditions, it may be noticeable and can lead to complete hair loss. The word ‘autoimmune disorder’ means when your immune system mistakenly attacks your healthy cells instead of foreign cells, this causes different disorders and alopecia areata is one of them where your own WBCs(white blood cells) attack your hair follicles, leading to hair fall in patches. This disorder often develops suddenly over few days. There might be a chance where people can get recovered without the need for treatment.


This condition occurs when white blood cells attack the healthy cells in hair follicles, causing them to shrink and slow down hair production. The fact is still unknown that why our own immune system mistakes in identifying the difference between foreign cells and healthy cells.
While scientists are still unsure about the reason for these changes, it is also seen that one in five people with alopecia areata has a family history. It is also that genetics are involved as alopecia areata is more likely to occur in a person who has a close family member diagnosed with alopecia areata. Even if there is much research that says if there is a family history in any autoimmune disease, then there is a chance for alopecia areata to develop. Besides, there is very little evidence provided by scientists who support the view that alopecia areata is caused by stress. Extreme cases of stress could potentially trigger the condition and making it worse.
Researchers don’t know the exact cause of alopecia areata and they also believe that certain environmental factors trigger this condition in people who are genetically predisposed to it.


As you have come across that, this disorder doesn’t have any specific reason. So how can the remedies be so sure? Scientists have mentioned that there is currently no cure for alopecia areata—you don’t have to be worried because there are some treatments that can be suggested by doctors to help the hair re-grow faster.
The most common sort of alopecia areata treatment is the use of corticosteroids, powerful anti-inflammatory drugs which will suppress the system. These are most ordinarily administered through local injections, topical ointment application, or orally.
Their other medications also can be prescribed by the doctor to either promote hair growth or affect the immune system, including Minoxidil, SADBE, Anthralin, and DPCP. Some of these might help with the re-growth of hair, but they cannot prevent the formation of new bald patches.


Some people with alopecia areata may choose natural treatment as an alternative therapy to treat this condition. They are:
• Aromatherapy
• Acupuncture
• Probiotics
• Intake of vitamins, like zinc and biotin
• Aloe Vera drinks and application of aloevera gel in the affected area.
• Onion juice rubbed onto the scalp
• May include application of essential oils like tea tree, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint and other oils like coconut, castor, olive, and jojoba
• Maintain a diet that include vegetables that promote hair growth
• Scalp massage with herb enriched oil
• Can also take herbal supplements, such as ginseng, green tea, Chinese hibiscus, and saw palmetto
Although alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder but does not directly make people sick, nor is it contagious. It can, however, be difficult to adapt to emotionally, but you need not have to worry because reaching out for support isn’t a shame there are certain support groups and counselling are available for you to share your thoughts and feelings. As the therapies haven’t been tested and don’t have the sure-shot cure to this, you should always talk with your doctor before trying any herbal or vitamin supplement because the effectiveness of each of the treatments may vary from person to person.
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