A lot of people suffer Insomnia, the inability to sleep well. The causes can be many for e.g. jet lag, excessive caffeine intake, anxiety issues, depression or the side effects of some sort of medication. To those of you who are trouble sleepers, this blog is going to be extremely helpful for you. We have encapsulated a list of efficient tricks, some of them drawn directly from the Ayurveda to help you fall asleep really well every night.

1) Magic of Essential Oils:

Essential oils are widespread for aromatherapy. If you want to set your mind at peace before going to sleep, get a diffuser & any essential oil preferably Lavender to make a peaceful & positive ambience at your room before sleeping. It not only soothes mind but also relieves stress & help people with anxiety disorders too.

2) A must hygiene routine before you hit the hay:

Brush your teeth , wash your face & most importantly clean your feet really well prior to hitting the sack. These are basic hygiene practices that help you keep composed & cool before you go to sleep.

3) Massage your feet :

Many nerves of your body are connected to the soles of your feet. When you massage your feet everyday with Deyga’s Massage Oil especially made with potent herbs to relax muscle ache, and press some points that help increase blood circulation in your body, hence, giving a core relaxation to every corner of your body.

4) Clam your mind with meditation :

Meditation deserves a separate blog to boast its advantages. However, we all know how immensely it helps to cure stress issues providing a joyous session to both your mind & soul. Practicing meditation for a few minutes before you go to bed, prepares your body for a sound sleep.

5) Read a book:

Reading a book can make you feel soporific after a while. Hence, inducing sleep gradually. Pick one with a positive & motivating moral, so that your subconscious brain grabs enough positivity before taking you on a journey of sweet dreams.

If you practice the above steps regularly, in no time, you’ll be absolutely successful to eradicate this problem of trouble sleeping out of your life.

Extra Tip For Night time :

Oil your belly button with a natural oil every night before you go to bed. This way you will lubricate dried veins that would fetch you a lot of benefits including relief from gastric problems, constipation, acnes & a lot others too. You can get your natural and organic products only from the official website of Deyga Organics.
Sleep Well!