Which Soap is Better for Your Skin Type?

Have you’ve been wondering whether the soap that you’re currently using is the best one for your skin type? Then keep reading!

We have an exquisite range of soaps that are handcrafted with nature’s goodness. Every soap is created to nurture you with 100% natural ingredients that take care of your skin effortlessly. The soaps are so mild and skin-friendly that they can also serve as a wonderful alternative to face wash. 

The refreshing range of soaps at Deyga is handmade, vegan and cruelty-free with the infusion of natural essential oils, principles of Ayurveda and ancient Indian teachings! We wanted it to be a mindful choice for all our customers who trusted us in helping them lead a life free from harmful chemicals and irresponsibly manufactured products. 

We made sure there are appropriate soap choices for every skin type. 

Our range consists of 

Each and every soap in the collection showcases a unique blend of natural essences.

We’ve made it quite easy for you to choose what suits you best based on your skin type!

Charcoal soap: A detoxifying indulgence!

Charcoal soap is perfect for Dry to Oily skin types. It’s a soap naturally made to treat acne. It also removes tan, clears dead skin cells and provides nourishment to your skin. So you need not do much, just indulge in a warm relaxing bath with our Charcoal soap and a loofah!

Chocolate soap: Irresistible Cocoa! 

Chocolate has everyone’s heart! But for the skin, we recommend it to people with Normal skin types to attain the best results. It makes your skin smooth and gives you the glow you've always wanted.

Spinach and Cucumber soap: Blast of Refreshment! 

This one is our special summer surprise! A refreshing pack of Spinach and Cucumber soap just for you! And, the good news is this soap is for all the skin types. Infused with skincare nutrients and essential oils it improves skin texture and renders a glow.

Neem and Turmeric soap: A Natural Safeguard!

The meditative qualities of Neem and the magic of Turmeric are now available in the guise of a soap. This combination of renowned skincare herbs is the recommended choice for oily to normal skin types. This soap protects your skin from harmful bacteria as it is antiseptic in nature.

Shea Saffron soap: An Utterly Butterly Affair! 

This soap is again a delight suitable for all skin types. Shea and Saffron is a dream duo! Shea contributes to the softness while the goodness of Saffron brightens and soothes your skin. 

Baby Soap: A gentle experience! 

Our baby soaps are crafted to perfection with your little munchkin in mind! It is extremely mild and gentle that even adults with dry skin can also use it. It provides deep nourishment and can even help treat skin disorders like Eczema.  

We have always supported the transparency and purity of ingredients which is reflected in everything we create! These bars of handmade goodness are all available on our official website.  Explore them now!

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