Well, all of us are familiar with the brutal heat and greasiness that come along with the chirpy season of summer. The level of discomfort is top notch and there’s nothing we can do about it other than keeping ourselves rejuvenated from time to time. Here comes the pivotal role of ‘activated charcoal’ that refreshes skin radically. Keep reading till end to know more about how can you stay fresh and grim-free for all day long while not comprising on your outdoor chores.

Activated Charcoal Powder is a fine black dust with magical benefits for skin, hair, teeth, inner health and what not! It dates back to 3750 BC when ancient Egyptians discovered and used activated charcoal for medicinal purposes. Since ages it’s been entitled as a potent ‘detoxifier’ so much so that Ancient Greeks even used this natural purifier to cure food poisoning. Basically it’s formula holds (-) electrical charge that attracts (+) charged molecules like toxins and dirt. In India Charcoal has been in use as a hero ingredient in many products to enhance their quality and efficacy.

Can you now imagine the spellbinding power of this natural detoxifier?

Activated charcoal for skin care is much different from regular charcoal which shouldn’t be used directly on skin due to harmful chemicals in it. Regular Charcoal is activated through a process of heating at a very high temperature to increase its surface area, hence increasing its ability to adsorb impurities. It can be obtained from coconut shells, petroleum coke, bone char, peat, coal, bamboo or olive pits for that matter. From a medical remedy to a widely used beauty care product, its prominence and usage has only grown stronger with time.

Activated Charcoal works as an ardent cleanser and it can benefit your skin in many ways. Want to know the amazing pros of activated charcoal for your health?

Have a glance on these 5 stunning effects of activated charcoal to enhance your natural beauty in order to shine your best;

Fantastic Facial cleanser: It’s time to battle all the skin issues that put a veil on your natural beauty. Activated charcoal is a great adsorbent, it traps all the impurities from the face like a gamer. Be it blackheads, whiteheads or clogged pores, nothing is spared! As a cleanser it does clean your skin from within by keeping the natural oils of the skin intact, simultaneously.
Deyga’s Charcoal Face Pack can do it for you in a jiffy. Deyga uses coconut shells, a sustainable way to obtain activated charcoal. Handcrafted with love and naturally procured, it has only wonders to offer!

Battles Acne: Believe it or not, activated charcoal is strong enough to treat acnes in a gentle manner. It cleans pores radically, the root cause of acnes. And this how you can ace your acne problems. Apply Deyga’s Charcoal Face Pack at least twice a week to observe visible results in a short span of time.

Exfoliates along with cleansing : Removing tan is just peanuts for Deyga’s Charcoal Bath Bar! After all its made of activated charcoal which exfoliates dead skin cells in a jiffy. Charcoal Bath Bar, one of the best sellers of the brand is a non-fragrant, powerful cleanser that makes every pore of your body giggle!

Makes Oily Skin breathe : Activated charcoal is excellent at controlling excess of sebum that’s mainly responsible for clogged pores hence, acne prone skin. Deyga’s Charcoal Bath Bar can be used on face as well for its natural and mild formula. It makes your pores breathe and soaks all the extra oil that turns your face into a beacon of light.

Deyga’s Charcoal Bestsellers

Deyga has made the optimum use of activated charcoal by curating a chain of charcoal products that have magical powers to treat many skin problems in one go;

Charcoal Face Pack: Deyga’s Charcoal face pack is a unique combination of activated charcoal, kaolin clay, French clay, bentonite clay and skin cherishing essential oil that make it perfect for compressing large pores by digging out impurities leaving you with a dreamlike skin. It is suitable for all skin types by people with oily and acne prone skin wouldn’t stop loving it.

To use ;

Take some amount of Charcoal face pack, dilute the face pack powder with a toner to activate it and apply it on your face evenly. Gently rinse after 15 minutes to get a beautiful clear skin. Do not forget to spray your favorite toner to lock in hydration aftermath!

Charcoal Detox Mask: Get acne-free, soft, radiant skin days with Deyga's Charcoal detox mask. With the advanced properties of jasmine, Australian Tea-tree and guar gum, activated charcoal is turned into a versatile face mask that can clean, treat and repair your skin issues in a go.

To use;

Apply a vital layer of the mask on clean face, let it rest for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly to get the best out of it.
It unclogs pores, removes blackheads, whiteheads and gifts you a deep clean experience readily.

Charcoal Bath Bar : Charcoal dries out skin? No! Not with this Charcoal Bath Bar which is made of ultra nourishing ingredients such as extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil. Besides, anti-acne tea-tree is added to boost the intensity of charcoal into hundred times. This Bath bar cleans but also nourishes your skin. Blemishes can’t find their way out but loose their life span in the battle against charcoal when you choose to equip yourself with Charcoal Bath Bar as your weapon against them.

All the above charcoal curated best sellers of Deyga have been promising game changers for many people out there.
Therefore, the potency of activated charcoal is unsurpassable! Shop your Charcoal products today only from the official website of Deyga Organics and feel the change yourself. Go natural with the exclusive range of Deyga Organics and find the right products to pamper your skin in the best way!

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