Everybody wants their hair to be healthy and gorgeous. But due to some mistakes, it doesn’t happen likewise. That silly yet big mistake could be the water too! Amazed? Have you ever paid attention to the temperature of the water you use for hair wash? Yes, it does affect your hair health to quite an extent. If you are doubtful about it, do not worry fellas! Let's dive in together to find the right temperature that ensures healthy hair strands.
In spite of having a good shampoo, you should also take care of the temperature of the water because it plays an important role in maintaining the strength and volume of the hair.

Hot vs Cold-water

Your hair is divided into two parts the root and the shaft whenever you wash your hair with hot water it open ups the pores and with cold water, it contracts and tightens the pores of the hair follicle resulting a good grip with the hair shaft, which in turn reduces hair fall. This must be confusing but don't get confused; let's understand the advantages and disadvantages of hold and cold water in brief and what works best for your hair:


1. Restores Natural Oils

The cold water helps to restore the natural oils and sebum in your hair that keeps your scalp and shaft hydrated. You must be surprised knowing that sebum acts as a barrier layer that protects your scalp from pollution and oxidative damage.

2. Leaves you with Smooth and Shiny Texture

Coldwater keeps the protein intact that is the only to your frizzy hair and leaves you with a well-defined, soft, and smooth texture. Also, it helps to seal the elevated cuticle layers that add a glossy look to your hair by locking in the moisture.

3. Maintains A Clean Scalp

Coldwater contract and tighten the pores of your hair follicle that protect your scalp from accumulating dirt, toxic pollutants, sweat, and oil. Closed pores are likely to be free from grease hair and dirty scalp.

4. Improves Blood Circulation in the scalp

When you wash your hair with cold water, it opens up your blood capillaries wider and allows the blood to flow to your scalp. Through this, your hair roots receive all the essential nutrients from the blood. It also controls the movement of free radicals, resulting in healthy hair growth.


It has only one disadvantage that is it reduces the volume of your hair. This may happen due to the enclosed cuticle locks in excessive moisture, and the moisture starts flattening your hair strands. This can be a concern to some of you with thin hair.


The only advantage of washing your hair with hot water will be it dissolves the dirt and unclog the pores for deep cleaning of your scalp.


1. Result in Dry And Frizzy hair

Besides deep cleaning it allows the natural oils, moisture to escape from the scalp and leaves you with dry and frizzy hair.

2. Hair Roots become weak

The open pores trap pollution and oxidative dust very easily, which makes the grip of the hair shaft weak resulting in hair fall.

3. Increases Hair Breakage

Hot water makes your hair overly porous and dehydrated. That makes your hair brittle and results in split ends and breakage.

4. Damage Scalp Tissues

Higher the temperature of the water, the damage of your scalp tissues can be severe and may cause irritation and inflammation. Also, this may restrict the absorption of nutrients and oxygen from the blood into the hair follicles, which leads to hair fall.

Besides choosing the right temperature, you should also follow the right hair care regime routine, a healthy lifestyle that promotes healthy hair roots. For more information, you can visit the official website of Deyga Organics to try your hands on the best range of organic & handcrafted products.