You Be What You Eat!

Have you heard the famous line that says “Its our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”? Definitely you have if you’re a Potter head. The statement is simple but its meaning is as deep as the ocean. What we choose in our present remarkably defines our future. Even the smallest of decisions can bring bigger changes and affect your life for ever. A single decision is enough to foretell your future happenings. Hence, if so much depends on your present, why not ensure the way if you've been framing your present correctly or not? All the healthy decisions you make in your life starts with a healthy mind. And it all starts with the habit of eating right. How? Let’s discuss why good and nutritious food marks a decisive and fundamental unit of your healthy lifestyle.

  • Nutritious food keeps you active and healthy. A healthy body away from sufferings and diseases is a home to a healthy mind. And a healthy mind is undoubtedly an adobe of peace and happiness.
  • Fresh, pure and nutritious food adds to immune health and faster metabolism which enables better physical and mental health.
  • Good health reflects in your physique and appearance too. Healthy, glowing skin is a reward of the same.
  • Nutritious food also takes care of your hair health. Your hair needs protein to nurture its growth and health, high protein food prevents hair fall and makes your hair smooth, long and strong.

Hence, Healthy food is first and the foremost step towards a healthy lifestyle. Now many times a question arises about what to eat and what not to? In a world full of tempting foods like pizza, burger, pasta and other junk foods, how can you stop yourself to drool over such delicacies? The only way is ‘Realization of the truth'. Today these processed and deep fried foods are known as 'Junk food'. Junk means ‘useless’ or ‘extra’ in literal terms. These junks are hard to digest when consumed. It may result into slower bowel movements or diseases like constipation or even piles. It’s said that 70% of your wellness depends on the health of your intestines. Deep fried, processed or spicy foods may result into storage of waste inside your intestines for longer periods. This waste is the reason for all the skin problems that can haunt you with stubborn spots or dull and dry skin. These foods may not only harm your skin health but may also affect the main organs of your body. 

According to Ayurveda, food can be categorized into 3 types. Satvik (fresh fruits and local vegetables), Rajasik (spicy and deep fried food) and Tamasik( Processed food). Where Rajsik and Tamsik food are the causes of ailments, a healthy Satvik meal routine is a way out from these obscurities. 

Freshly prepared, less spicy food, fresh veggies and fruits falls in the category of Satvik food that provide strength to your body. It helps body with essential nutrients and keeps diseases at bay.  

Eating right is essential but keeping yourself hydrated is equally important to have a healthier version of yourself. Water removes all the toxins from your body and contributes to glowing skin enormously. 

Eating well is a key to living well. And living well is not so far fetched, it’s just a matter of choice. You own your choices and hence your destiny.  Choose good, Live good!