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Is your body hair having a mini-party on your skin? 
Embrace your silky-soft skin with our hair removal powder, which is made with many skin-soothing ingredients to remove the hair with zero pain and without stripping the natural oils.
Ps: Remember, You are beautiful with or without body hair !!

Net Quantity - 100G 

  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Pain-free & instant hair removal 
  • Easy & quick application
  • Naturally exfoliates and brightens skin
  • Makes skin soft & silky smooth
  • No more razor burns or rashes

 All Skin types 


bentonite clay

indian nettle

rice starch


aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder

Fast growth? No problem! Use it once a week. But hey, never over do it. 

Please note that it's advisable to remove jewellery before applying the hair removal powder.

1) Can men and women both use it?
A)Yes, it can be used by both men and women. All you have to do is dilute it with rose water or normal water for the best results.

2) Can I leave Hair Removal Powder for 30 minutes because I have thick hair on my legs?
A)Keep it on for an additional 5 minutes after the recommended time, and then wipe it off with a wet cloth using mild pressure.

3)Can I use this to remove hair on the upper lip?
A)You can use it on your body, and we recommend using it from neck to toe. But you can use it at your own convenience on the face after patch testing on facial skin.


4) Can I wear jewelry while applying the hair removal powder? Will it tarnish my accessories?
A) It's advisable to remove jewelry before applying the hair removal powder.

5) Why does our hair removal powder have a noticeable pungent smell?
A) When our hair removal powder is diluted with water, the pungent smell occurs due to the presence of natural ingredients like Turmeric, Indian Nettle, Barium Sulphite Powder and Moringa etc., But it is totally safe to use.

6) Can it be used on tattooed skin?
A)Yes, it can be used on tattooed skin as well.

7)How frequently can I use Hair Removal Powder?
A)You can use it once every week, or whenever you want to remove hair from your body! Remember, you are beautiful with or without body hair. 

8)Will it cause irritation while removing the body hair? 
A)No, it is made with skin-loving ingredients like Indian nettle, turmeric, moringa, and many other rich ingredients to keep the skin glowing and healthy.

9) Does it remove my hair permanently?
A)No, hair will regrow after a certain time, but instantly it removes the hair after use!

10) Will it whiten my skin?
A)We as a brand, don't believe any product can change the nature of skin tone. But we can assure you that Hair Removal Powder will brighten the skin and help in removing mild tan

11) Can pregnant women and early teenagers use it as well?
A)Yes, it is safe to use on pregnant women as well as teenagers.Just take a patch test before using.

12) Should I take a bath after using the product?
A)It's better to cleanse your skin later with a mild bath bar and follow up with a moisturiser.

13) What inspired you to create Hair Removal Powder?
A)We saw our Deyga family spending money on expensive waxing sessions or getting razor cuts, so we came up with this easy-to-use, mess-free, and pain-free hair removal powder.

14) Will the hair grow back thicker after use?
A)No, it's a myth! The hair will not grow back thicker and it totally depends upon your normal hair growth rate. 

  • You can wet your cloth with milk or rose water before wiping the Hair Removal Powder
  • Use it only on the body
  • Can be used in the intimate regions after conducting a patch test
  • Use a moisturizer after use if you want an extra glazed look on your skin

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Loved it!

Product quality to packaging-loved every bit of it. Highly recommended!

Darani R
Great product

For me its great and surprising product. I have lots of hair growth. If its done via waxing means i will cry due to its pain🥲. Just its wow. My suggestion use rose water for mixing dont use tap water. For rose water its no irritation. Baby hairs its there.but its superb product😻 thanks deyga😻

Awesome stuff!

Great value for money. Service is also too good. Highly recommended.

Indeed most wanted

It actually proved to be one of the best products in hair removal had no after effects and only smooth skin.highly recommend it

Jiyamary Jacob

Hair Removal Powder

Padmini Celestina
Awesome product

Great product for removing hair, cannot be used on face. But really loved it and no side effects.Great deyga. Hair grows after a week.


Can I use this on facial hair

Thank you for your inquiry! Our Hair Removal Powder can be used only on Body Hair (Neck to Toe). We recommend following the instructions carefully for best results. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Happy hair removal!