Pre-mature Greying Oil

Reduces Premature Grey | Nourishes Scalp
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Don't let the grey hairs make you worry. Boost hair growth and say bye-bye to grey hairs naturally by adding youthfulness to your hair with our purely magical elixir.

Net Quantity - 100ML

  • Slows premature greying with its antioxidant rich properties
  • Soothes scalp and prevents scalp irritations
  • Conditions the hair naturally with its nourishing properties
  • Nurtures damaged scalp and encourages new hair growth

All Hair Types

Note : Especially for early greying


Coconut Oil

Castor oil

Benne Oil



1) Who can use Pre-mature Greying Oil?
People with pre-mature greying hair or literally anyone who wants to get dark, lustrous, healthy hair can use pre-mature greying oil.

2) What ingredients in the hair oil reduce your hair's early greying?
The oil contains henna and bhingaraj to help prevent hair from greying prematurely while reducing hair fall as well.

3) How should I apply the hair oil?
The Pre-mature Greying Oil bottle comes with a hair root applicator. Tilt and squeeze the bottle for the oil to come out through the nozzle of the applicator. Rub it over the scalp for the oil to spread evenly. After application, massage your scalp with your fingertips for 5 minutes.

4) How long should I keep the hair oil before I wash it?
You can leave the oil overnight for better and faster results. Otherwise, wait for 1 hour before you shampoo your hair.

5) Can I use the Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar after using the Pre-mature Greying Oil?
The oil followed by the coconut milk shampoo bar is a perfect hair strengthening combo. Use it regularly and thank us later for the awesome results. You can also use a mild cleanser to cleanse the scalp 

6) I have a lot of grey hairs. Will the hair oil make them dark?
The natural ingredients in the pre-mature greying oil like henna will prevent the hair from greying early and also help in reducing hair fall

7) How many times per week should I apply the oil?
Pre-mature Greying Oil is beneficial in preventing hair from turning grey early, so you can use it daily or before every hair wash.

8) Will the oil prevent my hair from turning grey?
The oil will prevent your hair from turning grey prematurely with regular use. The rich ingredients like bhringaraj, henna, and moringa along with benne oil strengthen the scalp and promote hair growth as well.

9) My scalp is extremely dry. Will it nourish my hair? 
The Pre-mature Greying Oil is made of natural ingredients to prevent early greys and reduce hair fall. It can be used on oily hair and any type of hair. 

10) Will the Pre-mature Greying Oil reduce my splitends? 
Coconut oil, along with benne oil, henna, and moringa, reduces early greying while promoting hair growth. 

  • Can be mixed with hair masks to make the hair extra soft.
  • Warm the hair oil before application
  • Use it at least an hour before washing your hair.