White -blossoms and carrot scented roots of this highly nutritious plant are a pleasing sight. Its anti-ageing properties make it one of our top ingredients!

History: The ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Indians used Carrot seed oil to soothe inflammation and ease indigestion. It was widely preferred for its ability to kill certain bacteria and fungi.

Parts Used: Roots, leaves and seeds are used in our hancrafted formula.

Composition: It's rich in Carotene and Vitamin A, both of which are effective antioxidants that help your skin look its best.

Scientific name: Daucus carota

Carrot Seed Oil is a highly beneficial tonic for both skin and hair. It can restore hydration and forms a protective layer providing soothing relief from irritation. It can also help tone the skin and rejuvenates it.

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