HELLO! Gorgeous ladies. Wedding, as grand as it sounds, is such an important part of life, one of those big days that brings tons of excitement along with a plethora of responsibilities that become inevitable.

One of those is to look good! Yeah, a pressure of it’s kind. Brides are expected to look like angels walking down the isle direct from heaves. And why not? After all, you don’t experience your wedding day every now & then. However, it has become more of a stressed task now. Amidst the hustle & bustle of wedding functions, try out our recommendation to make your beauty care regime, a joyful task & not a tedious one.

You read right! We are here to take the responsibility of your beauty & enhance it to the extent that you look the best version of yourself on your wedding day.
Deyga has curated a Rose Glow Kit to impart all our dear brides, a subtle rose glow that will make your grooms fall for you again!

This Rose Glow Kit comprises of products derived from fresh petals of Bulgarian rose grown in the homeland of Deyga. In the kit you get;

ROSE PINK CLAY SOAP: A perfect cleanser to deeply clean your skin especially face, gently. Yes, as it’s super mild in formula & organic in form, it will be a great choice for your face too. The power of clay will attract all the dirt & nourishment of rose will still keep your skin hydrated.

ROSE TONER: As universal as a rose is! So is this Toner. The best match for everyone, goes with every skin type & most important, it can be reused as a facial mist to keep the hydration intact. This can even work with your makeup as a setting spray. Basically it’s a multi-purpose elixir that can save your skin from dryness even in harsh chilly weather.

ROSE GLOW SERUM: Dealing with pigmentation, breakouts, dullness or acne spots? If yes, then this is a magic potion for you. A non-greasy, light weight serum that rejuvenates your skin & imparts a healthy glow to it.

ROSE SCRUB: Skincare without exfoliation is a dance without music! Nothing works on skin which is not exfoliated properly. Rose Scrub is specially curated to provide a soft exfoliation to your skin. It scrubs off dead skin cells & allow room for healthy skin to glow at it’s best.

ROSE & MULETHI SKIN BRIGHTENING FACE PACK: Mulethi aka Liquorice is worldwide famous for it’s brightening properties. When infused with the essence of rose, it becomes a potent combination that fades away dullness at jet’s speed. Not just dullness, the most common problem of hyperpigmentation around mouth & stubborn acne spots also start to get resolved, once you abide by this wonderful combination of Rose & Mulethi in a face pack.

ROSE & GERANIUM BODY BUTTER: Your body is as important as your face. To make sure your body glows as much as your face does, we have come up with Rose & Geranium body butter. An apt moisturizer to keep your entire body moisturised & glowing.

ROSE TALC FREE POWDER: A good powder be the best finisher! Deyga’s Rose powder is completely talc free (talc is toxic in nature). If you want to smell like a fresh bouquet of roses, try this powder. You can also use it for your touch up. As it’s completely natural, it goes well with everything. Be it your face, body or private parts, you can definitely go ahead with this to keep sweat away.
Not to miss on the most important step of everyday skincare, we recommend you to use an spf every day.

While you commit to the above products everyday please do not use scrub regularly. Exfoliation is meant to be done once or twice a week. More than that could lead to breakouts. Other than that please feel free to use every product regularly to see visible results within a month from the day you start using these products.

The Rose Glow Kit is available on the official website & App of Deyga Organics. If you install the Deyga App today, you get special discount on your first order.

Enjoy your Wedding! Felicitations 💛, CIAO