Toners and mists may appear similar but they are entirely different into uses. Assigned to their unique tasks, they both are ‘must haves’ in your skin care cabinet. Let’s see how they are different from each other.

What is a toner?

Toning, preceded by cleansing, is the primary step of preparing your face for the day. A toner does the task of double cleansing the skin. It restores PH levels of skin after the face wash, closes the open pores, tightens skin and makes it more glowing. In brief, your skin care regime is incomplete without a perfect toner because it makes the moisturizer to perform and absorbed in your face better.

When and how to use?

Twice a day ideally. After washing your face, follow up with your toner. Just directly spray some toner on your face or pour it on a cotton pad or ball and smear it all over your face.

What is a mist?

A mist is a hydrator that rehydrates your skin whenever you need a refreshing splash after a few hours of your CTM routine. Spending time out in the hot weather or under the AC sucks moisture from skin making it feel patchy dry. A mist, here comes into play to add a sheer freshness to your dull face making it glow vibrantly.

When and how to use?

Whenever you feel dry, spritz it directly on your face. Let it air dry. Using a mist on makeup sets it for a longer time. Remember to keep the spray bottle at least 6-7 cms away from your face for an even application.
Unlike toners, mists always come in spray bottles. Toners may come in bottles without a spray nozzle.

How to pick right toner and mist for your skin?

Choosing a right toner and mist isn’t a hard nut to crack. Deyga Organics has come up with the exclusive range of handcrafted toners and mists for every skin type.

Toners and mists for ‘dry’ skin;

Rose water toner:

Rose Water is a universal toner. Suitable for almost everyone. However, for its hydrating properties, this toner can be a bliss for people with dry skin. A multi-purpose toner, this can be mixed with your face packs too.

Deyga's Jasmine Facial Toner: This toner has the essence of distilled Jasmine, super hydrating and moisturizing with a refreshment blast. Perfect for dry skin it replenishes skin cells.
Khus khus mist: Khus khus or Poppy seeds are abundant source of antioxidants that revitalize your skin from within.
It relaxes the inflammation and contributes to a great skin health. Since its rich in antioxidants, it brings a natural glow to your face.

Toners and mists for ‘oily’ skin;

Deyga's Basil Toner: Oily skin is more prone to acnes. Basil being a natural detoxifier, banishes acnes along with endowing a sheer radiance to your face.

Deyga's Tea tree Facial Toner: It deeply cleans your skin by kicking out impurities responsible for clogged pores. Healthy, glowing and clear skin is not far away when Tea tree toner plays!

Deyga's Lemon Mist: Lemon mist is a ‘must’ in the good books of oily skin especially. It controls oil, battles blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation like a pro.

Deyga's Ylang Ylang Mist: Ylang Ylang is the most effective remedy for oily skin. This toner refreshes skin through and through along with safeguarding it against pollution from penetrating your skin.

These pure, natural and handcrafted toners and mists from Deyga are only available on the official website of Deyga Organics.

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