Massaging your body from head to toe is just so important for your well-being. Didn’t know about it yet? Don’t worry! This blog is entirely dedicated to the significance of ‘massaging your body in a RIGHT WAY’.

In Ayurveda, one can find the importance of massage in the name of ‘Abhyanga’.

Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that includes head to toe massage with Dosha specific herb infused oil.

If not by a masseur, you can definitely do it all by yourself. A great massage once in a while provides enhanced blood circulation to the body improving skin & hair health radically.

In addition to internal well being of a body, external beauty is just an extra advantage that comes with a proper massage session.


• It relaxes muscles & eases the pressure of damaged bones & muscles encouraging the healing & pain reduction
• Improves skin elasticity through the hike in collagen production
• Makes skin glowing
• Encourages hair growth
• Extremely good for anxiety prone people as it bursts stress


• Take some warm natural cold pressed oil preferably sesame oil (It’s absolutely okay if you don’t have herbs infused oil)
• Massage every part of your body in circular movements especially joints
• Make sure the direction of massage is towards the heart or upwards
• Don’t forget the navel area as it is the focal point of 74,000 veins inside your body According to ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ it is the ‘agnisthana’ or the seat of fire where life force energy resides. Oiling navel also lubricates dried up veins and eliminates constipation
• Massage the soles of feet too as the four major nerves of feet are directly connected to eyes. Hence it’s said to massage feet for a good and clear vision
• Nails aren’t dead tissues but bone tissues which also possess life. So massage them too to make them shinier and stronger
• Massage at least for 10 minutes and if you do this in sunlight that would enhance the results by 100 times as sunbathe is extremely beneficial when it hits directly your back and belly button


• It’s recommended to massage your body before you go for a bath
• The technique must be rightly followed According to ayurvedic scriptures, the direction of massage should be towards the heart. For example, if you massage your neck move your hands downwards and if your massage your legs, move your hands upwards
• Massaging body and hair together is prohibited in Ayurveda (you can preferably set different days for hair & body massage as per your convenience)

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