Nails are one of the most oldest beauty interests of every girl. We all cherish the beautiful memories of trying our mother's make up products and nail paint was probably the most fascinating of all. As a little girl we all had applied it for flaunting our beautiful nails although not perfectly sleek but we liked it anyways. True? Childhood makes us follow our interests but as we grow up we realize the value of perfection and seek it in every aspect of our life. Fascination for beautiful nails hold a special place in every girl’s life but sometimes we don’t get things we desire for. Perfectly shaped long nails with a beautiful nail art is still a dream for many. Nail breakage, less growth or no growth are the most common issues that stop some from getting their desired nail look. If you are the one dealing with the same, continue reading as this blog is going to provide you with utterly helpful solutions.

Do you know our nails have a strong connection with our hair? This is so, because both nails and hair are correlated with the food they need i.e. Keratin, a type of protein. Scarcity of keratin results in dry and brittle hair and nails. People suffering hair fall may also suffer from brittle nails that break so easily. So it’s better to nourish your hair and nail in every way you can. To help them all, here are a few bullets on how you can build up your hair and nail health in a really easy way;

Increase the protein intake : Protein is highly essential for good hair health. Include protein rich food in your diet on daily basis to overcome hair fall and undernourished nails. Peanuts, pulses, soybeans are the best examples of a vegan approach to protein rich food.

Practice Balayam Yoga : Rubbing nails or Balayam yoga is meant to stop hair fall. Nerves beneath the nails connect directly to the scalp. Rubbing nails help stimulate blood flow in the scalp allowing hair growth and stopping hair loss to a great extent. Practice this known exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

Coconut Oil for nails: Brittle or undernourished nails can be healed with versatile coconut oil. Make sure you apply pure extra virgin coconut oil on your cuticles every night before hitting the hay! Results will soon appear like a magic spell has been casted upon your nails!

Cold Pressed Argan Oil: Deyga’s purely handcrafted cold pressed Argan Oil is enriched with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that radically work upon the texture and over all health of your hair. A good hair massage once a week with this natural magic potion will leave your hair flawless, smooth and shiny.

Hair Growth Oil : Deyga’s Hair Growth Oil is one of the best sellers. Known for its hair growth promoting properties, it’s an infusion of many natural oils such as castor oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil. This splendid oil consists of all the necessary nutrients your hair direly needs.

Bringraj Deep Treatment Oil: With powerful antibacterial and cooling properties, Deyga’s organically formulated Bringaraj Deep Treatment Oil nurtures your hair like a pro! It’s best for the time when you want to relax and cool down your busy mind after a hectic day!

So nails and hair, both need protein for maintenance. Make your good diet a priority in addition to hair massage with Deyga’s natural hair oils. Make your nails strong and hair shine through! Stay Youthful from within!

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