Want naturally pink & super soft lips? If yes then you’re reading the right blog. We're usually busy in our routines caring for acnes, blemishes, pigmentation, dull skin, scars and why not, after all these skin issues are as stubborn as their prevalence and need a special attention. However amidst these issues we often forget to care for our lips because just one stroke of a lipstick can doll it up in a jiffy. We remember them when they become hell dry and chapped due to lack of care and nourishment. Frequent usage of lip cosmetics with zero care can snatch their nourishment making them appear dull and lifeless with a penalty in the guise of dark pigmentation. Especially in winters, lips are more sensitive & tend to dry faster.

Moving onto the remedy to turn your lips smoother and naturally pink in color Deyga has brought you an exquisite range of handcrafted lip care products consisting of the hero seller of the brand i.e. Beetroot Lip Balm, a leading choice of the customers across the world.

A good lip scrub is extremely important to treat chapped lips. Deyga’s Strawberry Lip Scrub exfoliates your lips and reduces pigmentation responsible for darkening. Being one of the bestsellers it has only gained love for its fantastic performance. Enriched with natural oils and strawberry extracts, this natural and cruelty free scrub does the job of cleansing your lips from within. It reduces sun damage, prevents discoloration and plums up your lips naturally. Mint Lip Scrub is another variety in lip scrubs you can go for. Mint being the source of freshness, this lip scrub works upon your damaged lips to the core. Using a lip scrub twice a week satiates the care and exfoliation your lips need.

The another crucial step consists of a nourishing lip balm. A lip balm rejuvenates lifeless lips into lively ones by providing deep nourishment and hydration. Our hero seller Beetroot Lip Balm does its job flawlessly. Beetroot has amazing staining power, its coloring pigments known as betanin and vulgaxanthin act as antioxidant which lightens up dark lips naturally. Its juice leaves natural stain on your lips turning them reddish pink gradually. Other lip balms by Deyga includes Shea Butter lip balm for butter smoothness, Chocolate lip balm for cocoa goodness, Vanilla lip balm for enriching moisture, an expertise of blue green algae.

So choose your pack of lip scrub and lip balm right at this instant only on the official website of Deyga Organics and get ready to make your chapped and dark lips a history cause our lip scrub and lip balm are soon going to make your lips rosy, smooth and supple in no time! Happy shopping!

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