Oral hygiene is a basic rule to ace your first impression before anyone. Your sparkling smile and refreshing breath has got all the powers to make your personality more charismatic and attract people towards you. While oral hygiene plays such an important part in everyday life, some people are often mistaken and confused over what products to choose. Despite of looking for so many products, can’t a single product with multiple qualities do the work? It definitely can and it’s none other than a regular ‘toothpowder’. Yes. If chosen a right one, it can absolutely create wonders for your oral health.

Toothpowder may seem an old classic choice in the line of flattering high-tech toothpastes but according to a research it’s proven that toothpowder is more effective in removing plaque and external stains in comparison to toothpaste. If we talk about the first ever known concept of toothpowder in history, it goes back to ancient Romans and Greeks who used to mix charcoal or ash with certain odd additives like crushed oyster shells to clean their teeth. Thanks to the next generations who made toothpowders palatable! Ayurveda speaks in notion and supports toothpowder as the best option to be used in oral hygiene because, unlike toothpaste, toothpowder is a mixture of various spices and herbs with zero toxic chemicals in it.

Now the question is which one to choose? Well there are many toothpowders available in the market but most of them aren’t entirely pure and natural. Toothpowders with potent natural ingredients only, are the best ones which not only does the work of cleansing but also make your gums strong. The herbal toothpowder by Deyga has a strong combination of edible camphor, cloves, sage and haritaki. When camphor gives a refreshing blast in your mouth, clove works on sensitive areas and keeps your mouth protected in partnership with the rejuvenating essence of sage and haritaki. Want to know the terrific benefits of this amazing toothpowder? Here they are;

  • Removes stains and whitens teeth naturally
  • Banish bad breath
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Strengthens gums
  • Explode you with refreshment

You can buy this herbal toothpowder only from the official website of Deyga Organics. Give your teeth a newer experience filled with richness of magical ayurvedic herbs.

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