Sharing is caring. With that in mind, we decided to share our love for rose water! It’s many benefits make it a must-have for the skin.

Benefits of rosewater, like any other beauty potion, is achieved with consistent usage. It is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage and ageing. Its anti-inflammatory properties have calming effects on irritated, inflamed, red acne-prone and sensitive skin. It can naturally balance the pH level of your skin effortlessly. In case you have healthy skin, you can add rose water toner to your routine to up the hydration factor.

Here are 5 different ways you can get the best out of rose water:

  1. Setting Spray – Whether you have a 12-step makeup routine or a 2 step one, finishing up with a spritz of rose water toner can leave your skin looking ultra-hydrated, glowing and feeling soft. It prevents the skin from drying out and caking, especially in the corners around your eyes and lips. If you have oily skin it balances the oil production and controls it.
  2. Touch-up Spray – You can use it whenever you feel the need to refresh. Skin tends to dry out or become dull as the day comes to an end. A few spritzes and you can freshen up from dull, back to glowing and hydrated.
  3. Instant moisturiser – Ideally, you must cleanse your face and neck before applying a moisturiser. Especially, if you have been wearing makeup or if there are any product residues left behind. Else, it could lead to break-outs. In this case, rose water toner is your exception. You can use it any time of a day no matter what products you are wearing. It is extremely lightweight, able to easily penetrate through the skin and moisturise without clogging up your pores.
  4. Acne-fighter – Pure rose water is a natural astringent. It is highly efficient in shrinking open pores and minimise the clogging of dirt and grime. The anti-oxidants and moisturising properties will help make sure your skin does not react to dryness or dirt build-up.
  5. All-in-one-hero – If you work at home and don’t face issues like dirt and pollution, rose water can help you keep your skin refreshed and hydrated. Not going out means, not much stimulation and reduced physical activity. This ends up reducing the blood circulation and causes your skin to become dull.  In this case, rose water toner is a perfect pick-me-up for any time of your day.

At Deyga, you can find pure and natural Rose Water Toner, a steam distilled rich concoction of native rose petals. Regular, consistent usage of our rose toner will help you tighten pores and prevent wrinkles. 

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