Neem Seed Oil

Controls Acne And Skin Inflammation
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Neem seed oil is a natural medicinal herb that has got some amazing properties. It is know for its ability to treat skin & hair related problems. Neem is a strong antioxidant & anti inflammatory agent. It has been used to treat acne & other skin issues since ancient times.

Net Quantity - 30ML

  • Maintains the softness and radiance of skin
  • Reduces fine line and wrinkles
  • Protect skin and hair against environmental toxins
  • Promotes hair growth

All Skin Types

    Neem Seeds

    For hair, gently message few drops of neem seed oil into scalp and leave it for overnight or you can wash off after 1 hour using a mild cleanser.

    1)What is neem seed oil? 
    Neem seed oil is obtained from fresh neem seed kernels to help in taming acne and reducing acne marks. Regular use of neem seed oil has various benefits, like reducing acne and slowing the skin's aging.

    2) How should I use the neem seed oil?
    Wash your face with a mild cleanser. Take a few drops of neem seed oil and apply them to your acne-prone areas (face and body). You can use the oil at night on clean skin for better and more visible results.

    3) What are the benefits of using the oil?
    Reduces acne, acne marks, fine lines, and dandruff with continuous use. 

    4) How long until I see the results?
    Regular usage will show obvious results in 1 month. It is subjective to vary based on your skin’s texture and concerns. As with any natural product, it takes time to show results, and consistency is key!

    5) Does it help to reduce dandruff on my scalp?
    Yes, applying neem seed oil to the scalp can aid in the reduction of dandruff and scalp infections.

    6) Can I apply it to my belly button? 
    Our neem seed oil is loaded with rich anti-inflammatory properties, so applying it to the belly button helps in controlling skin inflammation, reducing body acne, and improving the immune system. 

    7) Can both men and women use neem seed oil?
    Of course, yes. The neem seed oil can be used on all skin types, and it specifically targets acne breakouts and helps in reduction regardless of gender. If fresh-looking skin with no acne is your aim, try our neem seed oil. 

    8) Does it help with acne?
     Neem seed oil will help with improving the skin texture by reducing acne, and it is also known for its anti-aging properties. 

    9) Can you apply the oil to bare skin?
    Yes. You can apply the oil after you have washed your face with a mild cleanser like Charcoal Bath Bar.

    10) I have sensitive skin. Can I use it? 
    Yes. You can use the oil. Apply 4 drops of oil to clean skin and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then, wash off with a mild cleanser. 

    • Can be used on the scalp and body as well.
    • You can mix it with your favorite carrier oil before applying it to the scalp if necessary
    • It can also help in reducing dandruff and scalp infections.

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    Top-notch stuff!

    I’m in love with their products. They're exactly as seen in the photos.

    One of the must have for Acne free skin

    I had tablets, ointments and whatever before using this neem seed oil for my acne treatment. After using the neem seed oil which was used with shea saffron soap, toner and aloe gel. Within 1 week my acne got vanished. Honestly, when i say this i need to thank Deyga alot for this cure and my face.

    Keerthi Keerthi

    Neem seed oil is my favorite, best skin care products from deyga , blacks head white heads removes, this oil best solution for acne,

    Neem seed oil 💚

    Iam using neem seed oil,neem and turmeric soap,and my fav aloe vera gel this combo is doing wonders on my face iam using neem seed iam for past 2 weeks still now I didn't get any new pimples and the next neem and turmeric powder after using this soap my skin is so supple and glowing too and deyga 's aloe vera gel is best in the market thank you deyga and team💚✨

    Neem seed oil

    A good moisturizer

    Madhu Mitha
    Neem seed oil

    Neem seed oil

    Like so soothing the ache

    Feels confident after setting up the acne. Really helps reducing the pain