Rose & Mulethi Skin Brightening Pack

Brightens I Pigmentation Control
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Wave goodbye to tired and dull skin with our ultra-hydrating Rose and Mulethi face pack.

Net Quantity - 100G

  • Native roses rejuvenate the skin 
  • Mulethi helps in brightening and toning the skin 
  • Oatmeal reduces pigmentation and moisturises the skin effectively 
  • Lightens acne scars with its rich antioxidants.
  • Boosts the skin's elasticity.

All Skin Types

Note : 

Use Toner for Normal to oily skin 

Use milk for dry or sensitive skin 

Native Roses


Oat Meal

1. What can I use for diluting Rose Mulethi face pack?

A)You can dilute it with Milk (Raw or boiled) for best results

2.Can I leave Rose Mulethi face pack for one hour or until it gets dry?

A)15 to 20 minutes serves purpose. One-hour is a very long time for facepacks.

3. Can it be used by all skin types?

A)Yes, it suits all skin types. Just have a patch test before using it on face.

4. How frequently can I use rose mulethi facepack?

A)Once a day is good to go.

5. Difference between Rose mulethi & Orange almond facepack ?

A)Rose Mulethi helps in Brightening up your skin. Orange Almond is for De-tan

6) Will it whiten my skin?

A)We as a brand don't believe any product, (especially organic fusion) can change the nature of skin tone. But we can assure you, Rose mulethi gives you instant glow & brightness, lightening dark spots.

7) Can kids use this ?

A)As this is a blend of 100% herbal powders you can use it on kids too. Just take patch test to find if they are allergic to any Natural ingredient.

8) Should I flow up with a cleanser after face pack?

A)It's better to cleanse your skin first, flow up with a toner(for best absorption) and use face pack.

9) Will multhani in this pack dry my skin ?

A)We use Mulethi & not Multhani. Multhani is a clay that dry up skin for few. Where as Mulethi conditions your skin.

10) I like your rose scrub much. Can I use both Rose mulethi & scrub on same day ?

A)Actually you can use it continuously. First scrub your face and follow up with face pack for best results.

  • For very dry skin- Dilute the pack with curd and make it into a paste, then apply it to the face and body to get bright, glowing skin 
  • Rose and Mulethi face pack can also be used as a face and body scrub
  • Use it after a tiring day to instantly brighten the skin 
  • Fun fact: You can also add potato juice, rose water, milk, or any fruit or vegetable juice