5 Ingredients that helps provide a natural glow

Glowing, healthy skin can be hard to achieve with all the pollution, dust and harmful chemicals we expose ourselves to. We’ve listed a few of our favourite natural ingredients to combat external irritants and achieve a natural glow.

Rather than getting harmful chemical-based creams, masks and sheets, it's time to rifle through nature’s bounty and find five amazing ingredients that help brighten your glow naturally.


If you've ever paid close attention to the skin tips from your grandmother, you'll know turmeric is probably first on her priority list. This is due to the effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent in turmeric called curcumin.

Deyga has infused this very ingredient in our Neem and Turmeric Bath Bar. It helps enhance your glow and rejuvenates it.


Some of the best remedies for glowing skin involve the use of cucumber, not just in your diet plan but also in your skincare routine. This ingredient is known to reduce skin puffiness and exhaustion, and to preserve natural skin tone and freshness.

Our refreshing,  Spinach & Cucumber Soap is blended with cucumber and enriched with organic ground spinach. It is crafted to maintain the skin’s pH balance and helps remove dark, dead skin cells and brings new, refreshed and glowing skin to the forefront.


While being extremely beautiful to look at, rose petals have many benefits for the skin as well. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in antioxidants, making them perfect for use in skincare products.

Our Rose & Mulethi Skin Brightening Pack will give you just the kind of glow and radiance you are looking for and the lingering rose aroma will uplift your mood. The dried rose petals present in this pack helps exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. The exfoliation process brings forth a new layer of skin, thereby providing a healthy glow.


Nourishing and rejuvenating, lemon is a great way to enhance your skin’s natural glow. It is rich in antioxidants,  alpha hydroxy acid and Vitamin C, all of which is highly effective in refreshing dull and tired skin.

Our 100% natural lemon mist is made with steam distilled lemon and can effectively remove dirt, grime and excess oil, leaving your skin free of impurities. Its nourishing properties help brighten dull skin and provide a natural, healthy glow.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has always been a great solution to achieve glowing, radiant skin. It is known that aloe extracts increase cell turnover and kill dead cells, which tends to minimize hyper-pigmentation, resulting in glowing skin.

Our natural Aloe vera gel is a wonderful moisturizer that heals your skin from within. Apply, and massage a layer of our natural aloe vera gel and leave it overnight. You'll wake up with skin that's amazingly smooth, soft, and glowing.

Check out more such natural and organic, handmade products at deyga.in  and keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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