Hello Everyone! Make up is every girl’s birth right. Isn’t it? Starting with a Kajal stick in school days to a must-have Red Lipstick in adulthood it all goes with 'my life, my rules'! But are you sure you're doing it for yourself and not others? Basically girls are judged at every step in the society we live and this can contrive a woman's behavior accordingly. If you are the one insecure about your skin, about your looks then this blog is only for you. 

Everyone of us has a different identity. Some of us are introvert, some are extrovert, some like dark colors and some are drawn to pastels. The same thing goes with make up, some may like it and some may not. But here in the case of make up, we aren’t expected to live our choice. Instead there’s a constant pressure hovering upon a girl’s mind to look good every time. If she doesn’t handle her looks well she is judged and often entitled as 'ugly' ? 

The question is why are we always expected to match the beauty standards of others? Why aren’t we beautiful if we’ve got a dark complexion? Why our stretch marks are considered ugly? Why are we suppose to hide our acnes? These questions are so common and hence the answer i.e. society wants it that way. We end up living their beauty definition not ours.  Wake up girls! It’s time to buck yourself up and live your own choices rather than thinking about the stereotypical society. Because the utmost beauty lies in 'Being Yourself'. What nature has endowed upon you is unique and beautiful. You need not feel shameful about those acnes, stretch marks, dark circles and other skin problems. They are natural and happens with everyone. There’s nothing to feel shy about. You should leave all insecurities and focus on your skin care using natural products. Embrace your skin with the love from mother nature available to you in the best form possible i.e. Natural ingredients. Deyga Organics has variety of skin and hair care essentials entirely pure and natural to uphold your skin care routine in the best way possible. 

A foundation gives you an even skin tone with a sheer glow on your face. Why not make your skin health prominent in a way that foundation seems useless to you? Or may be not! But still you can achieve that foundation look in a very natural way and that too as long as you want. A look that will not oxidize after a few hours but has a long lasting effect, yeah, as long as you want!  You can easily achieve that glass clear glowing skin if you sincerely commit to natural products. Deyga brings you the opportunity to attain that naturally glowing look with its handcrafted and vegan skin care products. Below is a list of some of the must- haves Deyga products to start your skin care regime in a right way;

Charcoal soap : A potent detoxifier which removes dead skin and works on acnes. 

Aloevera gel: For hydrating your skin and make it glow from within. 

Rose toner: The edible grade toner that makes your skin sparkle

Under eye cream: Dealing with dark circles? This cream will fade your stubborn dark circles away in a week or two. 

Body exfoliator: Working on face is not just enough, your body should complement your glowing face. Isn’t it? 

Rose Mulethi skin brightening face pack: Suitable for all skin types this magical combination pampers your skin and add a natural glow to it. 

Beautifying Serum: 2-3 drops of this magic potion everyday, keep annoying skin issues at bay! 

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