Exuding a natural, rich, fresh, and uplifting lemony-musky scent with a woody undertone, this fragrant grass has gained the name Citronella from French, which means “lemon balm”. Citronella belongs to the Cymbopogon family, commonly referred to as the lemongrass family. Citronella is usually mistaken for lemongrass as they belong to the same family. But, they differ in appearance; citronella has reddish pseudostems while lemongrass has off-white. They have been considered cousins for their similar features. Citronella essential oil is obtained by the distillation of stems and leaves of two species Java and Ceylon. The oil has a yellowish hue with a lemony essence. For centuries, Citronella essential oil has been used as a soothing agent for pain, rashes, infections, and inflammation. In addition to these remedies, it is also being valued for its amazing cleansing, refreshing, and calming properties.Apart from this, Citronella essential oil is widely used to give a sense of relaxation and add positivity to your ambiance.

So, let us dive into the benefits of Citronella essential oil for your mind:
The fresh and fruity flavor of Citronella essential oil is popularly known for uplifting the atmosphere around you by eliminating all the negative energies. The oil imparts positivity to calm your mind. It also helps your mind to find ways to cope in difficult situations keeping the toxic emotions and thoughts at bay. Citronella essential oil instills an aroma that releases a feeling of optimism and boosts energy levels.

Citronella essential oil is also a part of the skincare and cosmetic industry due to its mesmerizing qualities. It's been a valuable asset for the skincare industry, as it has skin clearing and tightening capabilities. The description above is just not enough because the essential oil is unstoppable; it also has captured the haircare range to quite an extent now. It aids in the dry and itchy scalp, adds up the volume, and takes care of the greasy scalp by regulating the production of natural sebum.

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