Today Deyga stands as a prosperous company with an ever-growing online family. We truly appreciate every individual who has connected with us and contributed to our growth. As a token of gratitude, we started the Deyga Rewards Program.

Why participate in the Deyga Rewards Program?

Our rewards program is designed to provide benefits to our customers every time they make a purchase! Your loyalty does not go unnoticed.

How to become a member of the Deyga Rewards Program?

Joining the Deyga rewards program is super easy. All you need to do is sign up using your registered email ID and password with Deyga. If you are not a registered member, please click "Create Account" and fill in the details.

Your account is automatically linked with the rewards program and a separate login or sign-in is not required.

How to use the Deyga Rewards Program?

There are multiple ways to earn rewards using this program. The following activities can help you increase your points and benefit immensely!

Ways to earn:

1. Submit a product review on the respective product page - 1250 points. (worth ₹25)
2. Place an order and get 1 point for every ₹1 you spend. (Only product value is included)
3. Like our page on Facebook - 500 points.
4. Refer your friend to Deyga and help them make their first purchase with us. You will get 10% offer on an order valued over Rs.1000 and the referred friend will get free shipping on their first order.

How to redeem:

We convert your points to a coupon format, making it really simple to use. 

To redeem your points,
1. Log in to your personal Deyga account
2. Click the “Rewards” icon at the bottom of the website.
3. A small pop-up window displaying your reward points will open.
4. Click on the “All Rewards” section
5. A slider will allow you to select how many points you want to redeem. Remember 50 points = Rs. 1.
6. Once you have selected the number of points you want to redeem, you can click “Redeem”
7. A coupon code will be generated. Use this code while checking out and enjoy your discount!

How to use the Deyga referral program?

1. You need to have a customer account with Deyga to be eligible for this program. If you do not have an account register by clicking Account -> Sign up and fill in your details!

2. After logging into your account, click "Rewards" on the bottom left corner.
3. You can get your referral code URL there. Share the same with your friends. If your friends create an account with us and make their first purchase on our website, you will get a discount code for 10% offer. You can use it on an order which is valued over Rs.1000.
4. Your referred friend will get a free shipping on their first order upon creating the account.
4. You can use the social media buttons below in the same window to share via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Please note:
1. Cancelling an order will result in the expiry of the points earned from the cancelled order.
2. All your unused coupons that are generated via reward program will be present in your rewards window. You can access them by logging in and clicking on the “Rewards” icon on the bottom left corner.
3. Codes will not expire until they are used.
4. Please note that you cannot combine the coupon codes received via the Deyga Rewards Program with any other discount codes.
5. In the case of reviews, the added content will be verified by our internal team and only then the points will be credited to your account.
6. In the case of referrals, the rewards will be awarded only after the referee makes the purchase
7. If the referee cancels the orders the reward points will automatically expire.