From exotic chocolaty experience to the best skin health, cocoa is a great source to happiness. It has already won many hearts for its gift of chocolate to the world. Today, we will be discussing how this mighty ingredient can win your heart for its fantastic skin benefits too. So all you cocoa-lovers, stay tuned & read till end to discover a skincare dimension of cocoa powder which is better known as ‘food of Gods’.

Cocoa comes from cocoa beans, fruits of cacao tree which is indigenous to equatorial regions of America & Africa. Cocoa beans when processed are finely turned into a thick chocolate paste which is then converted into, what we know as Cocoa powder. This cocoa powder is enriched with loads of skin friendly properties. Want to know, what are they? Here’s the list;
• Cocoa contains compounds such as polyphenols, catechins & flavanols that make it a strong antioxidant.
• Cocoa is extracted from cacao & it’s proven fact that no other fruit contains as much antioxidants as cocoa beans do!

• Antioxidants are great at slaying premature signs of aging by protecting skin from free radicals.
• Flavanols present in cocoa decrease harmful effects of UV rays & retain hydration in your skin.
• According to a study, it’s proven that polyphenols work great for skin conditions like atopic dermatitis or eczema.
• Cocoa powder is a natural skin detoxifier that enhances its elasticity along with keeping it smooth, soft & hydrated for a long time.

To become a beneficiary of all these benefits of cocoa, you can use raw cocoa powder to make a face mask at home or try Deyga’s Chocolate Body Butter that is exclusively handcrafted with best quality raw cocoa in amalgamation with some of the best natural ingredients that complements cocoa effect to the core, in your skin care routine.
This will not only hydrate your skin thoroughly but also make your regular skincare routine an indulging experience with its light & pleasing chocolaty aroma.

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