As we generally know, lemon has Vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant. Citric acid and vitamin C combine their power to detoxify your skin from within. If you squeeze a lemon in your glass of lukewarm water every morning, you start fresh, likewise if you spritz it on your face, it would be the best detoxifying move you will ever think to commit in your skincare regime because lemon is another name for ‘detoxification’. When skin feels dull & dry in winters, this lemon mist will prove to be a splash of freshness onto it.

It has brightening properties too which can lighten your skin tone to many shades on regular usage.

The natural formulation of lemon is quite on the acidic part. In spite of its spectacular qualities experts suggest not to use it barely because it can damage skin’s protection barrier. This is the reason many people prefer to avoid it despite its abundant properties. Although this problem is brought to an end with Deyga’s organic lemon mist. It’s intelligent formulation suits every skin type and works as effective as natural lemon juice.

Let’s get a sneak peek into the goodness of Deyga’s pure, natural & handcrafted lemon mist;
Get the unbeatable glow with Deyga’s Lemon Mist!

Glow adorns the beauty of your face and diligently new Lemon Mist is the key to it! Lemon is applauded for its potent detoxifying properties. It kicks pigmentation, impurities, dullness and dead cells out of your skin making it clear and fresh!
Extract of fresh lemons is instilled into Deyga’s lemon mist through the process of steam distillation just to make you enjoy a spritz of boom refreshment! No other ingredient is added but lemon to keep it cent percent pure and natural. No fragrance or color is added to maintain its rawness. Hence, Deyga’s lemon mist is free of synthetic chemicals that interrupt with the natural process of cell generation and skin healing. It’s perfectly a fine choice to keep skin woes at bay.

Benefits of Deyga’s Lemon Mist:

• Lemon being a treasure of goodness has brightening properties. Prolonged use of lemon mist gives a bright even-toned skin.

• Pigmentation is one of the most stubborn skin issues. People with higher melanin levels tend to have pigmentation around certain areas. For example, no matter how hard some people try, that area around mouth always look darker. Lemon mist has mighty powers to fade pigmentation. Although gradually but it’s target is never missed.

• Unclogged pores give room for breakouts. Applying lemon mist right after cleansing, deeply cleans pores making them breathe right!

• It retains hydration in your skin. Spraying it before moisturizing would also enable moisturizer to penetrate better and provide a long lasting hydration in your skin.

• Lemon mist can also be used as a toner. It balances PH levels of skin otherwise skin can become prone to dryness leading to worse skin conditions such as psoriasis.

• Excess oil buildup is again a problem as it can lead to acne even the painful ones. However, daily use of this mist can put a period on excessive sebum production.

How to use?

It can be used as a toner in either ways;

• Spray directly on your face to hydrate and refresh your skin or take an adequate amount of Lemon Mist on a cotton ball and apply evenly on your face after thorough cleansing of your face with a mild cleanser

• It can also be used with face packs in order to enhance their effectiveness.

• A mist is not exactly a toner but quite similar to it. Where on one hand, a toner is used after cleansing, on the other hand, a mist can be used whenever your skin feels dry or parched. Purpose of both is to hydrate and we’re happy to tell that Deyga’s Lemon mist works either ways.

• For all those of you who love makeup, this mist can work as a setting spray too.

Easy DIY to make your own face pack using this lemon mist:

• Take some gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and dilute it with some lemon mist. You can also add honey in case you have very dry skin. Mix the paste to ‘not too thin or thick’ consistency. Apply the paste evenly on your face and wash off after 10 minutes. Behold. Glowing skin is here shining bright in the mirror!

Therefore, with the refreshing accompaniment of exotic lemon mist this summer, you can get rid of most of your facial problems easily.

You can buy yours only from the official website/app of Deyga Organics. And don’t forget to pair it up with other products from Deyga to have a perfect skincare regime. It’s all pure, natural and handcrafted only to serve you with all you need.